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Triple Goddess Plaque - $48.00

Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo - $18.00

Selections of imported Amber and silver jewelry available!

Welcome to Eye of the Dragon, a metaphysical supply store where you can find unique gifts and handmade crafts designed to enhance your Mind, Body and Soul. We offer a wide variety of products and materials to assist with your spiritual needs and rituals, including books, incense, herbs, tapestries, ceremonial robes, tarot, jewelry and altar items. Here you will find things of wonder, riches and jewels, all within your financial grasp.

Come, enter into our virtual domain, and see the realms of treasure in our horde!
Newly imported amber jewelry from Poland. Yes, Eye of the Dragon has learned to do importing in order to bring you the best prices on Amber jewelry, earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants. Visit a show or call for an appointment to see our selection of inventory.


We now have an E-Bay Store!

We are now carrying celtic design clothing as well. Just got back from a trade show and picked up a bunch of new 'treasure' jewelry. More pentacles, and some other great items. New Tarot Cards have come in, including some import decks. We are also going to be carrying hand made runes, carved into glass, and some other divnation items. If you don't see something on our site, drop us a line and we'll put it there or send you a link. We are working on converting the site to a new look and a new shopping cart.

Should you have any difficulty with the shopping cart, feel free to drop a line with items you are interested in. We are open during the website remodel!

If you live locally in the Antelope Valley, email us to find out how you can avoid paying shipping charges by picking up items at a gathering or free delivery to Westside Lancaster, Quartz Hill and Palmdale for purchases of $25 or more.

Sincerely, John and Lisa, owners, Eye of the Dragon.
Thank you for stopping by!

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Things to burn Incense and Charcoal

Jewels, Semiprecious stones and other Jewelry

More Tapestries and tote bags to decorate your Lair!

Ritual Wear, Clothing, Altar coverings and Articles of Adornment

Items to decorate your home

Plaques and Statues for your home and Altar

Tomes of Knowledge
Tarot Cards, Books, Blank Books and Journals.

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Visit us at the following upcoming events:

AV Pagans Moots monthly
Thursday Night on the Square not in 2011
Highland War
Long Beach WomanSpirit

Great Western War

SCA Events where you will find us:
May Portero War

Highland War

Usually I attend Coronation/Queen's Champion, Dun Or Anniversary, Angels Anniversary and other events where merchants are welcome.

Feel free to drop us a line and inquire.
Photos of our medieval booth setup

Some photos of SCA Events



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